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Live Edge Bench
Live edge bench made from wood I harvested myself in Whatcom County.
Laser Cut Cake Topper
Custom cake topper laser cut out of walnut wood.
Custom Vinyl Decals
Laser Cut Divider Tool
Replacement Ford Blend Door Clip
3D printed in nylon.
Spalted Birch Coasters
Wood reclaimed from storm blowdown
American Motors Hubcap Clock
Custom Plant Signs
Laser engraved bamboo signs / tags for the garden.
Custom Restroom Sign
Laser engraved funny restroom sign.
Made from mirrored acrylic, brass, hardwood maple.
Leather Pet ID Tag
This is a laser engraved pet ID tag for use on an invisible fence collar. It's made of leather, so it's non conductive and won't interfere with the fence signal or short out if it accidentally touches the business part of the collar.
Funny Earplugs
Fun gag gift!
Custom Hand Forged Curtain Rod
Replacement Audi Gas Cap Lanyard
3D Printed Replacement Audi Gas Cap Lanyard
Handwriting Engraving
Custom cutting board with old family recipe laser engraved onto it.
Fun Personalized Ornament
Memorial Ornament
Merry Carmas Wreath
Wreath designed for 2018 Skagit Festival of Trees
Spark Plug Snowflake
Fuel Injector Snowflake
3D Printed Replacement Parts
Reclaimed Coat Hanger
Custom 3D Sign
3D Printed Replacement Cymbal Sleeve
Sea Shell Coat Hanger
Custom Measuring Gauge
Laser Cut Personalized Baby Decor
Laser Engraved Slate Serving Tray
Replacement Audi Gas Cap Lanyard
Coming soon, V2 is in testing.
Laser Engraved Granite Memory Stone
3D Printed Can Handles
Laser Cut/Engraved Wallet
Captain Obvious Rock!
Casting Aluminum
Engraved Garden Decor
Custom commissioned piece.
3D Printed Jack-O-Lantern Gimbal
Makerneer promotional items, changes every season! Come find me in person to get yours!
Tequila! Custom Margarita Box
Custom Laser Cut Bobbin Organizer
Personalized Lint Roller Holder
Custom Color Gas Cap Lanyard
3D Printed USB Hanger Hook
Laser Engraved Bottle Caps
Non Conductive Invisible Fence ID
The Useless Box!
Oddly satisfying...
3D Printed Napkin Holder
Yep, glitter filament...
Magnetic Thumbs Up
Dishwasher clean/dirty
3D Scanned Bust
Playing with the 3D scanner and shooting some selfies of friends and family.
Easter Fun with 3D Printing
Happy Easter!

Are you tired of traditional Easter egg hunts with real eggs you have to try not to break while you color them? Or maybe you're tired of worrying about what the one or two eggs you didn't find will smell like in a few weeks?

3D printing to the rescue! This year impress your friends and family with this cutting edge Easter technology! Yes, this limited edition, Easter Bunny approved, 2016 3D printed Easter egg has not 1, not 2 but 4! YES 4, moving parts!

But wait, that's not all!
WA State Binocular Caps
Binocular caps seem to get lost easily... No more.
Cell Phone Cover w/Card Holder
Replacement Vintage Stereo Knobs
Another instance of 3D printing helping restore items.
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Custom Laser Cut Bobbin Organizer