Your Two Cents Keychain
  • Your Two Cents Keychain

    Ever wanted to give someone your "two cents?" Of course you have, we all have...


    Well, I have good news! I've now brought "giving someone your two cents" into the physical world - you can now literally give someone your two cents! (Or keep it to yourself if that's more your style 😉)


    Your 2 Cents Key Chain is 3D printed and has two fully encapsulated pennies inside of it. Offered in two flavors, heads or tails. Heads will have Mr. Lincoln on both sides, tails will show "One Cent" on both sides. Years of the pennies will be randomly selected. If you do want a specific year, please feel free to message me and I'll see if I can make it happen.


    Price includes free domestic shipping. Key ring not included. Please message if you have any other questions, thanks!


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    These can also be purchased through MY ETSY STORE or MY EBAY STORE