Gas cap lanyard - Improvements and testing

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Gas cap lanyard - Improvements and testing #1. Design changes.

I realized I haven't done a good job explaining how Makerneer's replacement gas cap lanyard is different and better than the OEM Subaru gas cap lanyard. I planned to do a long post about all the improvements and testing, but realized finding the time was tough. So, we'll break it up into easy to digest chunks.

Today we'll cover the design changes/improvements I made to the replacement lanyard to make it stronger. These changes apply to all the replacement lanyards I sell. Here are the links to the products:

First, the area where the original usually breaks near the cap. This are has been changed. The web that attaches the large circle to the middle section is larger and extended left and right to reinforce this area. Checkout the first and second pictures of the replacement lanyard and the OEM lanyard overlaid on each other.

And yes, the picture is kind of crappy... I'll work on my picture skills, maybe in another blog post...

Second, the lanyard middle section, maybe call it the "string" section? Is slightly wider than the original. The overall thickness is the same to ensure it still fits correctly.

Third, the pin area that attaches to the gas cap door. This area has been widened and extended. Checkout the third picture below.

Fourth, the material the lanyard is made out of. This replacement lanyard is made out of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. I'm not 100% sure what the OEM lanyard is made from so I won't guess.

The polyurethane material is more flexible than the OEM lanyard material and can be pinch bent without damaging the lanyard. The fourth picture shows the lanyard I have for bend testing. Bend testing is kind of boring, but I have now bent it back and fourth 700 times without any issues.

The last picture shows you can tie our replacement subaru gas cap lanyard in a knot and still use it. I don't recommend trying that with the OEM Subaru lanyard! There is also real carbon fiber in the picture for additional bonus points!

Installment #2 can be found here:

Replacement lanyard (grey) laid on top of OEM lanyard (black).

Replacement lanyard is reinforced in the area where the OEM lanyard typically breaks

Replacement lanyard gas door pin area vs. OEM

Pinch bending the replacement subaru gas cap lanyard

Tied in a knot! Don't try that with the OEM lanyard.

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