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Shipshape Shed

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Where did all this crap come from?!

Who let the shed get so messy... again?!

It wasn't you was it?

Ugh... No, it was me.

So. Tired. Of. Cleaning.

I started with my office, (adding another 3D printer was a good motivator) and then I eventually ran out or reasons to procrastinate on cleaning the woodworking shed.

Good news is that the cleaning phase is almost complete. It really needed to happen... now that I'm officially full time Makerneer-ing I need to be more organized.

Which brings us to the organizational phase. Why is it that organizing and arranging things can be so exhausting? I think this will end up being a constant battle. I'm typically the use every tool in the garage and then complain about not being able to find anything type (is it odd that when when I cook I try to use as few dishes as possible?) Hopefully I will get used to putting my toys away when I'm done and organizing no longer becomes a chore... We'll find out soon!

No, no I don't think now is a good time to talk about what the garage looks like. Thanks for asking though...

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