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2021 #WipeItClean

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Happy Friday!

Sew... one positive thing this year is we've seen some hilarious Christmas ornaments! The F$#k flakes, the dumpster fire, the #$hi#show, Santa wearing a mask just to name a few.

Whelp today I finally got around to making my funny ornament for this year! I'm pretty impressed with myself if I do say so myself. And I do. Or did. Like just now. In the last sentence. OK, on with it then...

Here's my contribution!

OK, go on... tell me more...

Since you asked! This is a real 2 oz. stainless steel flask that I used my Glowforge and some Laserbond 100 to permanently laser engrave “2021 #wipeitclean” on the front of the flask. And just to be cheeky I changed the "0" in 2021 to look like a roll of TP (that's short for Toilet Paper 😋).

The hook is hand formed from copper by me. I managed to anneal AND form the hook without burning myself! Then I wrapped the whole shebang in a plush purple drawstring bag (I made the bag too, all by myself! Well, sewed the bag... I didn't make the fabric, I'm sure you get the point, OK, enough rambling!). Yes, yes the bag was inspired by a certain whiskey with a crown on it.

Lets all take a shot and wipe the slate clean for 2021, cheers!


These are exclusively in my Etsy shop right now, they've been going quick check it out here:

Here's more pictures. Because it's a 2 oz flask so lets take that second shot?!?!

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