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Affiliate Link Notice 2023!

Updated: Mar 8

New for 2023 - Vistaprint!

This year I had a lot of people ask about custom stickers, while I love making them, I can't compete with the price of stickers from Vistaprint. They're where I get my Makerneer "Make it Make it!" stickers from.

Official Compliance Notice - Some of the web links to products that I use are affiliate links or referral links. Be assured these are actual things I use and am comfortable endorsing. As an Amazon Associate, Ebay Partner, Autodesk Affiliate and Home Depot Media Partner I earn from qualifying purchases. Nothing changes on your end, but I get a small referral fee which helps me to be able to share more of my projects and designs for free. (Checkout my Instructables page for project writeups and Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory and Cults for free files like the replacement gas cap lanyard STL).

If you like what I've shared so far and want to help me be able to provide more free designs, please click the links below before shopping on Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Vistaprint, Weldmetalsonline, Empire Abrasives, Autodesk, Glowforge, or Inventables. Thanks!

Vistaprint Affiliate Link -

Amazon Affiliate Link (Click Here Before Shopping On Amazon!)

Ebay Partner Link (Click Here Before Shopping on Ebay!)

Weld Metals Online Referral Link (Save $5 on your next order!)

Glowforge Referral Link (Save up to $500 on the purchase of a Glowforge!)

X Carve Pro Referral Link (Save up to $250 on the purchase of an X-Carve Pro!)

Something is going on with the Autodesk side, working on resolving it...

Autodesk / Fusion 360 Affiliate Link (Click Here to save $$$ on your Autodesk purchase)

Home Depot Media Partner (Click Here)

Empire Abrasives Affiliate link (10% off your first order!)

(Also, click the ad below, it helps too! Thanks so much!)

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