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Busy Times!

Updated: May 30

Yeah, Yeah, I know... I no posty blog update in quite awhile... And I still haven't told you what the mystery tool is. Am I just bad at interneting or what?!?!

No, interneting ability isn't what's keeping me from writing, it's because Makerneer is making and 'neering like crazy (I.e., I currently have a lot going on)!

Currently June is looking fully booked July is nearly full and there are already projects on deck for September! Plus I don't want to talk about why I already have Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff on order...

Please don't get me wrong, busy is good and I'm always happy to discuss the next project! What I'm trying to say is that your patience is much appreciated if I'm a little slower than usual to get back to you.

It's been a ton of work, but also very rewarding to see things coming together now that I am full time Makerneering!

OK, I'll close with a random thing I found that is awesome (affiliate link)

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