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FORD - Functional Object Remade D3printing?!

I made a new thing to fix a broken thing! Yah me for over-complicating something and giving it a terrible name!

Anyhoo, yeah, I made new bushings for the tailgate on my truck (Ford F150). They were worn out to the point it was getting hard to close the tailgate and sometimes it would stick if you didn't close it right.

So instead of waiting forever for a replacement set to be delivered, I fired up Autodesk Fusion 360 and I modeled this set off my worn out parts. I did have to eyeball a few things that I couldn't measure... Once that was done I printed them in Zyltech PETG and I'm happy with how they fit my truck.

If you want to make your own head on over to my Thingiverse page for the files. The model files are included if you want to modify them to better fit your vehicle. Should fit anything that the Dorman 38641 kit fits (Amazon affiliate link to the Dorman part for more info)

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Rachel G
Rachel G
23 de set. de 2022

This was lovely to reead

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