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Fun Print 'O the Week! - Thingiverse Edition

Look, it's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a fun thing to print from Thingiverse!!!

Seriously, I probably like this bowl more than I should... But come on, look at it!!!


Thanks goes to the original designer, edoesaine

Printed in Zyltech Rainbow PLA

On my first printer, the Flashforge Creator Pro with Micro Swiss all metal hotends.

(yes, I see it didn't rainbow much but I really like the color, kinda reminds me of a neural network) ((I like that, motion carries, I'm not calling it the "Neural Network Bowl.")) (((Can I get more punctuation marks in a sentence?!?!?@#$<><_)))

Woah. OK, I think I've had enough coffee for today now... 😎

LOOK AT IT!!! (ok, done now, for real, thanks for playing!)

#makerneer Post contains affiliate links

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