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Fun Print 'O the Week! - Thingiverse Edition

Look, it's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a fun thing to print from Thingiverse!!!

Seriously, I probably like this bowl more than I should... But come on, look at it!!!


Thanks goes to the original designer, edoesaine

(yes, I see it didn't rainbow much but I really like the color, kinda reminds me of a neural network) ((I like that, motion carries, I'm not calling it the "Neural Network Bowl.")) (((Can I get more punctuation marks in a sentence?!?!?@#$<><_)))

Woah. OK, I think I've had enough coffee for today now... 😎

LOOK AT IT!!! (ok, done now, for real, thanks for playing!)

#makerneer Post contains affiliate links

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