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I can finally talk about the X-Carve Pro!!!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

WooHoo, exciting day! Inventables is releasing a new CNC machine, the X-Carve Pro!

And sometime soon-ish the Makerneer Institute of Laboratory Sciencing is getting it's very own Pre-Pre Order unit!!!

Even better-er-er, I have a X Carve Pro coupon code for you that's worth $250 off your X-Carve Pro purchase, just use this link

That's great. Who is Inventables and why do I care?

Well, first off I think CNC machines are cool as heck and I have been looking to get one that actually works all the time instead of continuing to "tune" my homebuilt CNC.

Oh, and Inventables is where I get some of my tools and materials. Their two color acrylic is one of my favorites, it works great on the Glowforge. But you didn't ask about that.

Oh, you do want the backstory?!? Well, since you asked.... ;-)

Inventables must have heard me complaining about my stepper motor wiring one day and randomly I got an email a few months ago asking if I was interested in finding out about a project thingy they're working on.

(Right, like I can turn that down... No, I have decided I no longer like hearing about new cool stuffs.... )

So I said sure.

And one thing lead to another, and another and I got to meet (via video call) a lot of the Inventables team! It was a ton of fun to get a small peek behind the scenes and give some feedback! Plus I was pretty quickly convinced I needed an X-Carve Pro... So I convinced Wiferneer and we purchased one!

Just one catch.

Rule #1 of New Project Thingy is you do not talk about New Project Thingy.

(You can probably guess what rule #2 was...)

It was moderately agonizing to not be able to talk about the shiny new tool I'd ordered... But I got little tidbits every now and then from the Inventables team to tide me over.

Anyhoo, yeah! Today is the day I finally get to talk about New Project Thingy! I'm excited to get my X-Carve Pro and start sharing some new projects! Go to YouTube to see videos of their new machine in action!

Interested in getting your own X-Carve Pro? Using my link below will save you $250 off the purchase price and I get a referral bonus too! Win win!

And here's a doggo photobomb just cuz!


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