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Reason #742 why I ❤ 3D Printing!

Updated: May 30

3D printed lucky charm keychains

Inspiration for this one struck as I was walking through the Grocery store the other day - (Which brings us to reason #742 of why I love 3D printing, being able to take the random thought from your head and turn it into reality!)

Anyhoo, with St. Patricks day right around the corner, I thought to myself - Self, the 4 Leaf Clover Gimbals are cool and all, but dang it - we need a full set of Lucky Charms this year!

(TLDR - Link to the model on Makerworld if you'd like to make your own - )

Unfortunately the grocery story only had the gigantor size box of lucky charms cereal and Wiferneer wasn’t as impressed with the idea of eating 3 meals a day of Lucky Charms for the next week as I was… So we compromised, sort of. I did some googling and found out Lucky Charms Pancakes and Hot Chocolate are real things! And I may or may not have ordered them… Don’t tell Wiferneer… also - here's the affiliate links if you're interested too! Hot Chocolate Pancakes   

But either way they’re not here yet and I don’t remember off the top of my head what the “lucky charms” are in Lucky Charms Cereal, so I had to google it. Here’s the YouTubes link for your viewing pleasure: 

“Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes. Clovers and Blue Moons. Unicorns, Rainbows, and Tasty Red Balloons!”

Alrighty, on with the show! So, with the charms covered, how are we going to package this in a way that’s fun and easy to hand out to people not wearing green that need a little extra luck in their day?!

  • KIT CARDS!!!  -

Awesome, send it! To Fusion 360 we go! I frantically fusion’d and in no time brought the idea out of my head and into the computer. From there it was an easy jump to the 3D printer and voila - The first lucky charms keychain kit card was born! 

The first one in green one turned out fantastic! 

3D printed lucky charm keychains

But… What if we… Can we?! 

Yes, yes I do believe we need a full color version… Back to Fusion 360!

Click clack, beep boop (computer-ing noises…)

It’s ready!

But we don’t have enough colors of PLA filament to pull this off… 🤔

PETG?! Can we do it in PETG filament?!Ohhh, good idea, lets check - ok, that’ll work! But now 

we need to:

Dry. All. The. Filaments…

I can only dry 6 rolls at a time right now, so time to put on our hurry up and wait pants because I’ll have to do it in two batches.

(wait, I just realized I could have used the printer as a filament dryer and done all 8 at the same time, doh! ) 

OK, now that we’re dry, Bambu Bots Assemble! AKA, hook Pian^2’s AMS into Bamboozler’s and route it to the filament hub. 

(This is the first 8 color print I’ve done! 😃😬)

Beep-boop-ding - More computer noises as we slice the model and assign all 8 filament colors to the different parts of the mode. Now can we finally print this?!

YES, it’s GO time! 

I watched the first layer for the first time in I don’t remember how long -

And more waiting…


Look at this, this is 3D printed! Much hap, very satisfied. And since I didn’t wait until the last minute for inspiration to strike, I have ~ two weeks to print a few more of them before St. Patrick’s Day! 

Full color 3D printed products

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