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Captain Obvious Rock
  • Captain Obvious Rock

    It’s a Meme no more, the Captain Obvious Rock is now a real life object! You're welcome.


    Show your Captain Obvious friends how much you care and pickup this one of a kind, all organic, single source rock that has been lovingly caressed by a C02 laser on not one, but both, yes BOTH sides! On top of that look how nicely this approximately 2” long x 1.3” tall  x 0.4” thick 2 ounce polished gem of awesomeness fits in the hand! Don’t wait, get your exclusive, limited edition, laser engraved Captain Obvious Rock now!!! For some reason I feel like I also need to yell SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!


    Side 1, or the front side as I like to call it, reads “THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS”

    Side 2, or yep you guessed it, the backside (Yes, I realize we’ve reached that level, go ahead and crack an immature joke, I’ll wait) reads “HERE’S YOUR ROCK”


    Price is per Captain Obvious Rock. Rock color and size will vary a bit since this is a natural product. I do take custom orders, feel free to message me with questions. Rock has not been certified organic, this term was used jokingly and if that was not obvious to you perhaps you might have one of these headed your way in the near future?! But hey, at least shipping is free!

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