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Engraved Leather Pet ID Tag
  • Engraved Leather Pet ID Tag

    This year I found the motivation to finally act on one of the many back burner projects I have kicking around.


    This is a laser engraved pet ID tag for use on an invisible fence collar. It's made of leather, so it's non conductive and won't interfere with the fence signal or short out if it accidentally touches the business part of the collar. It also works great if you're looking for an ID tag that doesn't rattle or make noise. Please note you do need to remove the buckle and thread this tag onto the collar since it does not have rings or clips like other ID tags.


    This is made from natural toxin-free vegetable tanned leather which is light brown in color and ages to deep burnished brown.


    It measures approximately 1.25" wide by 2.0" long. If you need a different size I can do that too, just click the contact button at the top of the page and let me know what you need.




    Price includes shipping in the USA.


    If you'd like to read more about the story that lead to creating this item, please see my Facebook post HERE

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