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Garden Tool Tap Handle
  • Garden Tool Tap Handle

    Finally, a way to keep your garden gnome happy! 


    These tap handles have been cleaned up and upcycled from old Crescent Weeding tool handles. The handle is hickory and there is a metal shroud around the bottom. The use and character is still present, there's some dents, dings and scratches. 


    This will fit standard tap handles. The tap handle is 12" long and the inside thread is 3/8-16 UNC. 

    Price shown is per handle, I have two available.


    More info:
    Harry Leckenby patented a version of the crecent weeder in 1957, google patent US 2787204 A if you'd like to read more about it.  I thought this was neat since he's from Duvall Washington which isn't too far from my workshop.  The weeder this was attached too before the blade rusted is a hoe that's designed to cut the root of the weed and cultivate the top soil.

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