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Late Model Replacement Subaru Gas Cap Lanyard
  • Late Model Replacement Subaru Gas Cap Lanyard

    NEW! Just in! Add Moar Buzz Words l8ter!!! 


    This is a 3D printed replacement gas cap lanyard for newer Subaru's with the smaller diameter gas cap. If your cap is 2.25" across this will fit it! If your cap is larger (2.75") please see my other listing here.


    Maybe your gas cap lanyard broke, or maybe you just want to upgrade it before it does. Whatever the reason, now you can! 


    Available in black, translucent blue, neon green and translucent red.


    Price includes shipping in the US. Gas cap and attachment pin not included. 


    Full disclosure, I don't actually have a new Subi, but a friend of mine does and has been rocking his lanyard for a few months now with no issues. If you do for some reason run into an issue, I'm happy to make you a custom lanyard that fits the way you want it to or refund your purchase. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions!


    These can also be purchased through MY ETSY STORE or MY EBAY STORE



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