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Nerf Dart Ear Plugs
  • Nerf Dart Ear Plugs

    Here's something kind of funny and a little unusual, Nerf dart earplugs.


    So how did this come to be? Well, I was on the phone with my Nephew recently and asked him what he wanted for his birthday. At the time I was in an area that doesn't have great cell phone reception and it sounded like he said "earplugs." That struck me as a little odd, but OK whatever, we all need some quite time every now and then. Turned out he said "Nerf guns." Oh. OK. That sounds a bit more like my Nephew!


    Anyway, these turned great and gave everyone a good laugh so I decided to share them for anyone who doesn't want to make their own pair. Info on making your own can be found on my Instructables page, you need these earplugs and Nerf darts.


    Earplug portion is brand new, never used. Darts are unused and have been washed. Will come packaged in a sealed plastic bag. 


    And no, when I first started Makerneer I did not imagine I'd make earplugs! However, the odd projects turn out to be the most fun usually!

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