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Oven Rack Push/Pull Stick
  • Oven Rack Push/Pull Stick

    Here's a surprisingly handy little device - an oven rack push pull stick!

    Plus, to make it even more useful it has some common cooking temperatures, measurements and conversions engraved right on it!


    This oven rack push/pull stick is laser cut from maple plywood. It is 8 inches long and features a jute lanyard strap with a magnetic plastic end piece. Stick it to the side of your oven or easily hang it nearby so you no longer have to find the oven mitts or try to finagle the rack out with a spatula. 


    Price includes free domestic shipping.


    Oven and kitchen not included 😉 Feel free to message me with any questions, thanks!


    These can also be purchased through MY ETSY STORE or MY EBAY STORE


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