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Replacement Ford Blend Door Clip
  • Replacement Ford Blend Door Clip

    This replacement clip is compatible with HVAC Heater Blend Door Actuators 9C3Z-19E616-B and Motorcraft YH1751. When the arm on the clip breaks, your climate control fails. The dealer doesn't sell just this clip, so you have to buy the whole assembly! Not satisfied with that option, a client reached out and asked me if I could make a replacement clip (Thanks Jared!).


    This Replacement Blend Door Clip is 3D printed in tough, high temperature Nylon. The prototype has been in service on a 2008 Ford F350 since February of 2019 and is still going strong. It is designed to fit snugly onto the actuator gear plus I have added gussets and fillets where possible to try and strengthen the leg that breaks - However it is an "interesting" design and does not allow much room for improvement and still fit the vehicle correctly. 


    This part is commonly found in 2008-2010 F250's and F350's. I'm still trying to find a full interchange table. Please message me before ordering if you have any questions!


    Price includes free domestic shipping. 

    Clip only, actuator and vehicle not included 😉


    I believe this part is superior to the OEM version due to the design updates I made and the material change from Acetel to Nylon. This part is intended to give you an option other than purchasing the entire expensive heater core assembly from the dealer; only to have the clip break again in a few years. That said - Unfortunately I am not able to warranty or guarantee this part due to the unusual design that is shown to be prone to failure. Thank you for understanding. 

    Also availible for purchase from My Etsy Store and My Ebay Store

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