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Steering Wheel Mounted Deck Wash Hose Adapter Holder
  • Steering Wheel Mounted Deck Wash Hose Adapter Holder

    It's spring! Time to break out the lawnmower!

    Doopdedoo, first mowing done, time to wash the deck!

    Wait... Where did I put the deck wash plug... Dang it, not again!


    I don't want to admit how many deck wash plugs I've lost... To fix this, I designed a replacement steering wheel center cap for the newer model Cub Cadet riding lawn mower that has a place to keep the deck wash plug safe and sound! If your Cub Cadet mower has the 3 1/8" steering wheel center cap this will fit your mower (see pictures for more info)!


    This item has been on my lawn mower now for over a year now, it's made from PETG plastic and has held up great! To use it simply pop the existing center cap out, attach your deck wash plug to this cap the same way you'd snap it onto the deck and then put the new cap back in the steering wheel.


    Free domestic shipping.

    This listing is for the holder only. Hose adapter not included. I may offer it in the future, but if you need one I've found buying the whole kit is cheapest, here's the Amazon Affiliate link if you're interested.  


    Please hit the contact me link if you have any questions! Thanks!


    These can also be purchased through MY ETSY STORE or MY EBAY STORE



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