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Weighted Blanket Filling Tool
  • Weighted Blanket Filling Tool

    Do you make weighted blankets? Are you dissapointed with your current system to fill all those tiny little pockets? Well friend, fear not! I have a solution for you!


    This funnel is designed specifically for filling weighted blankets. It's 3D printed in PETG plastic and fits onto the end of a 1" PVC pipe so you can taylor the length of the device. It has a finger recess that helps with with your muscle memory you can almost put yourself on autopilot while filling 100's of pockets.


    Price includes free domestic shipping. Please message me with any questions you have before ordering. Thanks!


    Common questions -

    Q: Why is the option with the pipe so much more expensive?

    A: Yes the pipe itself is inexpensive, but the option that includes the pipe is more expensive because the length of the pipe caused shipping costs to go way up. If you have a way to cut the pipe yourself I recommend getting just the funnel and picking up pipe from your local hardware store.

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