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$h%t Makers say... #2

Updated: May 30

Welcome to Part Deux of our series!

Yes, I'm sure that two entries make it a series... You're not?

Dammit, distracted already!

Okay, back on topic - I legitimately said:

"Almost done, I just need to figure out a way to attach this nail to the wood."

Wait, wut?!

It's a nail. It's job is literally to attach itself to wood...

Just hammer it in Mr. Overengineer!

Woah there turbo, these aren't just any ordinary nails! They're "number nails" for a rustic clock that I hand forged into shape! I think it turned out pretty awesome, and so did it's new owner who purchased at one of the craft fair's we attended.

Wait. So, how'd you attach them if you didn't nail them in?!

E6000 adhesive. (affiliate link) It's stinky so it must be strong right? (Do we have a candidate for part 3 of our series right there?!?!)

No, I chose E6000 (affiliate link) instead of an epoxy because I know it sticks to just about everything, dries almost perfectly clear and will remain flexible once it's cured. Side note/tip - this stuff oozes out of the container like crazy and will gum up the tip pretty fast, so I prefer using the smaller tubes that are about the size of a typical super glue tube.

So yeah, there you go. That's how I attached a nail to a piece of wood without using a nail!

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