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$h%t Only a Maker Would Say...

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

It's been a busy week here with lots of different projects happening and I caught myself having a few funny moments... Thought I'd start sharing some of them!

Our first installment in "S#%t makers say":

"This looks like it turned out great, I just need to get the other tape so I can get the tape off and see the whole thing!"

You need tape to get the tape off? WTH?

In fact I do. Sometimes. I guess I'm a tapeaholic?! Don't judge me, It's a GF (laser cutter) thing...

OK, fine. What were you actually tape-taping?

Lasers create smoke and other residue when they engrave wood. This can stain or char the edges of the piece you're etching. Sometimes it looks cool, sometimes we don't want it.

If you apply a masking, like blue tape, to the part before laser etching, it keeps the smoke residue from staining the wood. The downside is that the masking can be a PITA to get off afterwards. Enter gorilla tape - it will stick to the masking and make weeding all the itty-bitty pieces of blue tape a breeze!

So there you go, tape to get the tape off. Onto the Pic-tars!

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