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Have Hacksaw, Will Travel.

Hello there! Every wonder what the cross section of a heat set threaded insert looks like in a 3D printed part?


Well I'll bet you're curious now right!!!? Good, on with the show!

Wait, why are you cutting a part in half?

Technically t's not in half? And you don't worry about that. I'm curious damn it!

OK, here's both halves. This is a #8-32 threaded insert in PLA plastic. I'm pretty impressed that the heat generated from the hacksaw didn't upset the insert, it's stuck in there guuud!

Close up of the bottom, you can see it fused all around and up into the bottom of the insert slightly.

Proof in the pudding! Here's a view with the insert popped out, checkout how the plastic flowed into all the little ridges and groves on the insert.

Alright, that was fun and I'm pretty impressed with how well these little buggers hold!

Only problem is now I want to cut more things in half... We'll see what's next!

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