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One, wait no...Two Fire Pits To Rule Them All!!!

Oooohhhh Shiny! Lets go ride bikes!!!

Wait, no. It is shiny, but come on, focus...

Right. So, my upcycled fire pit build has been a hit!

I'm still loving it too. I used it last night after dinner to stay warm while trying to catch a glimpse of the Neowise comet!

If you haven't seen it you can checkout the full build on Instructables here:

But that's not what this is about. Nope, this PSA is to let you know there's now an even better-er-er version! And that better-er-er version has been entered into #TheEtsies !

The Etsies?!? Explain.

It's the second annual Etsy design award competition. Open to all Etsy sellers (shameless plug for my shop

More info on Etsy here

OK. Good explanation. Check. What makes this one better-er-er?

Well, first off I knew where to start cutting things this time 😁.

And I upgraded the fire barrel mesh to stainless steel (Shiny!).

And I used matching bolts instead of raiding the misc fastener bin.

And the ash grate is brand new instead of the one I "borrowed" from the BBQ.

And - AND, the finish on it should last a lot longer, it's been painted with higher temp engine paint and then heated and sealed with boiled linseed oil.

Check it out on Etsy here

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