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New Old Tool, Finally Revealed!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Ok, I've been bad at updating the blog... maybe I'll do better this year, maybe not. Anyway, lets assume the glass is half full and start with a fun one!

I worked on a new variation of an old tool awhile ago, here's the original blog post

Here's the original picture I shared. Looks kinda like an art deco Woolly Mammoth?!

Alright, so what is it! Get to the point man!

OK, drum roll please:

It's a bean sizing tool that fits in your wallet!

Bet you didn't guess that did you... I know I wouldn't have. And that's what makes this one fun, getting to see tools and other objects I didn't know existed!

We'll keep this one short and wrap it up there! Thanks for reading!

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