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Partners and Affiliates - 2024!

Updated: May 30

This year I plan to focus more on growing my local partnerships, such as my current partnerships with the Alger Community Hall and Genuine Skagit Valley If you're a Skagit-tonian and want to work together please feel free to get in touch!

These are direct partnerships to support my local community, I do not get commissions or reimbursement like with affiliate links.

Now, I do still have Affiliate businesses, and they are an important part of what lets me sometimes make a ridiculous or just because I can thing, so time for some official business:

Official Compliance Notice for Sponsored Affiliate Links - Some of the web links to products that I use are affiliate links or referral links. These are links to actual things I use and am comfortable endorsing. As an Affiliate/Partner/Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (Amazon, Home Depot, Ebay, Vistaprint, Empire Abrasives). Nothing changes on your end, but I get a small referral fee which helps me to be able to share more of my projects and designs for free. (Checkout my Instructables page for project writeups and Thingiverse, Makerworld and Printables for free files like the replacement gas cap lanyard STL).

If you like what I've shared so far and want to help me be able to provide more free designs, please click the links below before shopping on Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Vistaprint, Weldmetalsonline or Empire Abrasives. Thanks!

Notable changes for this year -

X-Carve Pro Referral Program is closed now, but I still love my X-Carve Pro and the team at Inventables is awesome! Like for real awesome. Give them a call and see for yourself!
Autodesk Referral Program has changes to a new ad managment platform. I've requested to join the new ad platform in order to be able to share coupon codes again for Fusion 360. I use Fusion 360 nearly every day and still believe it is an excellent CAD/CAM platform!

No longer recommended - Glowforge Laser...

 I still use my Glowforge regularly, and I'm grateful for the opportunities it has brought me. It is an amazing tool (I'm an original crowdfunding backer still on my original machine). It's intuitive and easy to use - However, I no longer feel comfortable recommending the company itself. Which shocks me... I praised them for many years, but within the past year and a half or so it has turned into a different company than the one I originally backed. I'm also disappointed in how they have decided to handle repairs, fortunately the GF community has stepped up and there are now other resources available to help you troubleshoot.

It might sound like I'm being petty... but this was a big decision for me. For perspective, I earned $500 commision on the last purchase through my referral link.

OK, whew! That is all for now - Thanks for playing!

(Also, click the ad below, it helps too! Thanks so much!)

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