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Fun Size Traveling 3D Printer

Updated: May 30

Straight to it - For those who have requested, here's a link to the 3D printer that I have been using to run live 3D printing demonstrations: (affiliate link)

It's been fun to have a 3D printer running while I'm at craft fairs. But traveling with a 3D printer can be a real headache. First, they're not normally small like paper printers. Second, if you hit enough bumps it's not too hard to knock your 3D printer out of alignment (the alignment that took how many days/hours to get perfect?!?!). Third, they get heavy. All but one of mine weighs less than 50 lbs.

Enter the micro 3D. Other than needing to be tethered to a computer (yes, I know, pi, I'm working on it...) the M3D micro has been a great "fun size" travel 3D printer. And as a side benefit, being a smaller, simpler printer has actually given it a new lease on life.

How's that you ask? Good question!

3D printers seem a lot like owning a boat, you always have "2 foot-itus." The micro was my first printer (we won't dicuss the cobblebot fiasco...). It was a perfect gateway printer. The problem was that once I graduated to my larger printers, I was hardly using the micro anymore. But it's now found it's new place and it's good to see it laying down filament regularly again.

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