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Propane and Propane Accessories!

Updated: May 30

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably already know I took apart a propane tank. You're also probably not too surprised I took something apart... It was pretty interesting to see what's really inside a propane tank. The valve had a lot more parts than I expected!

(Yes, this is potentially dangerous. In this instance the tank was purged with water multiple times and checked for propane before cutting.)

Great, the tank is apart, we took some pictures, poked it with a stick, learned more than we expected too about how it all works, but now what? (Yes, I know the post thumbnail kinda gives it away...)

Get the welder (affiliate link) and the angle grinder, (affiliate link) it's re-purposing time! We're turning this bad boy into a wood stove! (I do find it a little ironic the propane tank is going to now have wood in it...)

OK. We've got an idea. We've got some tools. We've done "extensive" pintrest research, time to raid the nether regions of the laboratory for rusty forgotten parts! I haven't done a "junkyard wars" kind of fabricobbiling build in awhile, this is going to be fun!

Here's what I scavenged, er I mean our Bill of Materials, AKA the "BOM":

1 expired propane tank

A few random hinges

1 used subaru brake rotor

1 old nerf bar from a Dodge

A couple feet of leftover flat bar

1 black metal pipe from I don't know where

2 random brackets that had 90 degree bends.

2 flat brackets

A few fasteners, bonus points if they match!

And a piece of chain leftover from hanging the shop lights

High temp BBQ paint (affiliate link)

Mix thoroughly, weld until you run out of wire, do some grinding, bake until done and voila!

A small wood burner to heat your patio or other small space!

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Only change I see is I may need to increase the size of the intake at some point.

I kept this short since there's already a few instructables and youtubes about how to build one of these. Was this about the right length or do you guys want a more detailed write-up of the build? Let me know, thanks!

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