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Thingamajig Thursday! - Eufy S11 Stick Vac Spare Battery Holder

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Yes, it's been a bit since we talked last, how's things? Good I hope. Things here have been crazy and all over the place but I'd call it mostly good.

So, I wanted to tell you I did a real live adult type grown-up thing! I bought a new vacuum! I know, I'm loosing it right? I'm excited about a vacuum...

Like a normal vacuum.

Not some super powered industrial dust collecting turbocharged 2 stroke powered shop vac thingy (hmmm... nope, stay focused!)

Like a normal vacuum. For cleaning the house. (Specifically the inside of the house...)

Right - Get to the point already - I finally upgraded from a 10+ year old upright vacuum to a cordless stick vacuum. And it's fricken awesome!

This is the stick vac I've upgraded too:

Should be obvious which is the new one 😎

The Tineco A11 Hero and the Dyson V10 Animal were also on the short list. Ultimately I chose the Eufy because I've had good experiences with other Anker products. And honestly I really wasn't ready to commit to the price tag of the Dyson since stick vac reviews are so polarized and a battery powered vacuum still seems a little weird... (Did I just age myself there?!)

That's great and all, but how the F does you buying a vacuum have anything to do with Thingamajig Thursday?!?!

Sheesh, I'm getting there! Pushy, pushy...

So the S11 Vacuum works great. Lots of attachments, plus it comes with a nice wall mount for the vacuum and MOST of the accessories. The problem is that there is no mount for the extra battery or the soft roller brush!

Great... Now it's only a matter of time before the spare battery and brush gets "put somewhere I won't forget it."

Well, to that I say:

Not today Murphy, not today! By combining the powers of Digital Calipers, Fusion 360 CAD Software and 3D Printing today we overcome this minor inconvenience of not having a dedicated place to store stuff so we don't forget where we put it!

Enter version 3.1 of S11 Battery and Brush Holder!!! Dun, dun dun!!!

I designed it look similar-ish to the existing wall mount for the vacuum and I 3D printed it using black PETG plastic which is nice and sturdy so I won't have to worry about it every breaking. PLA probably would have worked fine, but it tends to get a little brittle over time so yeah, PETG it is.

(If you're curious, for perspective I have 3D printed PETG parts that have been on my lawnmower for 6+ years and are still going strong.)

Another nice to have feature I included in the design is a cord keeper, that um, keeps the cord right next to the battery so it's "less" likely to get dropped on the floor and tangled around whatever electrical cords tangle themselves on when we're not looking.

As you can see, I'm even happier with the new vacuum now that ALL of the parts of the vacuum can live happily ever after all together in the same spot!

Want one for your Eufy S11? You're in luck! Head over to my shop and grab yourself one, it even comes with the fasteners you'll need! Here's the link

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