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Fix it, Fix it good! Dunna-nunna-nuh!

Sooo... SOMEONE broke the lazy susan that hides in the corner cabinet of my kitchen.

To be fair... it already broke once and I half ass repaired it... and the cast iron pans we have aren't helping the situation... So yeah, the bracket finally gave out completely.

Like the shelf was scraping on the bottom of the cabinet making a horrible sound and was making the door hard to open. You'd think someone would have noticed something like that... (OK, that hole is about as deep as I wanna go... 😇)

Anyhoo this fix might be a "little" overkill... But now I think the wire shelf or the cabinet will give out before this 3D printed bracket I created!

Also, lazy susan? Odd thing to call a helpful shelf that rotates right? I don't want to crawl back into the depths of the bottom of the corner cabinet nether regions to try and get the lid to the pan. How'd it get named "Lazy Susan?"

OK, before we go down that rabbit hole... Here's a quick vid of the fixed part in action


Get it on Thingiverse here:

(Note: I'm starting to phase out posting on Thingiverse, because... reasons that will take too much time here. Feel free to message me if you'd like the long version.)

3D printed in Taulman 910 Alloy Nylon on my Flashforge Creator Pro

260*C extruder, 70*C bed, 35mm/s

.6mm Microswiss nozzle, .24mm layer height, 100% infill

Affiliate links to the products used:

Flashforge 3D Printer:

Taulman Nylon Filament:

Upgraded MicroSwiss all metal hotend:

OK, now then, who's up for a good rabbit hole adventure?! This one surprised even me!

Consulting the internets - There's a debate on who invented it, and it's seen a few different iterations and re-introductions. However, "generally" it seems there were two standouts for the original inventor.

1. Some think it was Thomas Edison since he had to invent a turntable for his phonograph so it's a natural progression from that.

2. The more interesting story IMO is that Thomas Jefferson invented it because his daughter Susan complained about always being served last and thus not getting enough food. Jefferson it appears did actually like his daughter, he called the device a "Dumb-Waiter."

There's a few more theories, but we'll leave it there for today. Give it a google if you've got some spare time!

OK, picture time!

OK, that's really all, thanks for playing!

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