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New Year, New Thingamajigy!

Hello there 2023. I'd shake your hand but lets give it another month to see if we're still friends OK? It's not you, it's just that your other 2020 siblings were kinda "rude" to put it mildly and we need to take things slow mmmkay?! 🤣

So, yeah first new published thingamajigy of the year is now live over on printables!

Usually when I need to use the Swiffer wet jet mop it's somewhat urgent because something spilled... So where the heck did I put the pads, arrrrggghhhh! Well, now HA I say, the pads are on the wall right next to the fricken mop where they belong!

Yes, a familiar theme with this thing... organization... I swear it never ends! It also doesn't help that I've reorganized the shop. Again. Sigh. But it's for the best, more things are in the same place so in theory I'll be more productive! So far it's working. At least I think it is and that's not nothing!

Oh yeah, another 3D printer also ended up here kinda randomly... (yeah, Wiferneer didn't by that excuse either...) I'm not a huge fan of bedslingers, but the Prusa MK3 is growing on me... It works well and it's print volume is useful for a few of the other projects in work right now, so I think I'll keep it around and make the Core XY printers jealous... 😘

I'm not planning to sell these, but if you find you need some mopping pad organization in your life and you don't have your own 3D printer (yet?!) shoot me a message and we'll get it sorted!

Ok, keeping it short and wrapping it up there today, go make something!

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