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Found - Wheels for Klutch Welding Table!

I've been wanting/needing a welding fabrication table for awhile. Specifically the type with all those gloriously symmetric holes! Just look at them and imagine how cool your projects will look all jigged up! Oh yeah, they'll also probably be way more accurate and repeatable.

Accurate + repeatable + coolness = win.

So yeah, if you couldn't tell I've been drooling over the big fancy setup/jig tables, but ultimately couldn't justify the cost or space they take up.

Enter the Northern Tool Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

(TLDR - Amazon affiliate link to the right size casters, click me!)

For the price, it seems like it would be junk right? Well there were enough positive reviews I decided to take my chances. I'm pleasantly surprised! The table is surprisingly sturdy and is a great size for my shop. Plus it uses the standard hole pattern, so I can easily get additional tools for it!

So yeah, I've used it on a few projects already and I really like the Klutch Steel Welding Table from Northern Tool, but it's a PITA to move. And my shop is small so I need my tools to be mobile.

That's right, it's time to make this thing mobile! You'd think finding casters for something like this would be easy since it has threaded feet right?!

Nope. First, the feet use a metric thread, M10-1.5 to be exact. Metric wouldn't really be a big deal... if M10 wasn't kind of a small shaft for the required load rating of 150 lbs per wheel...

OK, fine. We'll see if the manufacture has an over priced add-on options for casters that fit the Klutch Welding Table?


After much googling and returning a few sets of casters that claimed to be the right size... I finally found the unicorn! These casters fit correctly, the stem is long enough to still allow adjustment if needed and the load rating matches the table!

Amazon affiliate link to the right size casters, click me!

Need more proof? Here's a video of me installing the casters on my table. So easy you can do it with one hand!

Pictars!!! Rar

Direct link to the Klutch table:

Amazon affiliate link to Klutch table:

Ebay partner link to Klutch table:

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