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One Fire Pit To Rule Them All!

Recently I embarked on a quest.

A quest to Upcycle Old Steel Wheels Into a Fire Pit that would survive the tests of The Patio and The Significant Other.

Along this journey we encountered the howl of power tools, we encountered sparks spewing from the mouth of the grinder of angles, we encountered sharp pokey monster burs hidden in the dark recesses of the of nether edges...

Amazingly, this upcycling quest did not require any trips to the place of hardware!

Yeah, I know - that never happens! You're supposed to run out of X, go get X and nothing else since you have "plenty" of everything else. Then you run out of Y... and Z... and then LMNOP, EI-EI-O, etc...

The first test has been passed, The Significant Other has approved of the final form our fire pit has taken.

The test of The Patio has now begun! I am hopeful the Car Part Fire Pit will emerge victorious, for it's armor of ~ 08 gauge steel is much reinforced compared to normal fire pits ~18 gauge armor. Time will tell all, for now we wait diligently and bask in the warm glow it provides!

Below is a picture of My Precious, MuWahahah!

(Click the picture to go to my Instructable that has the full write up of this project)

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