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Is it weird to be excited about not losing my hose adapter?!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

I don't think so. Especially since mowing season has officially started here in the PNW!

But looking at my desk right now I have a multimeter, a gas cap, a stuffed smurf, a chunk of spalted maple wood, some magnets, a 12v DC fan, a hubcap clock and a bunch of 3D printed steering wheel center caps within arms reach soooo.... Maybe I'm biased.

What's that? Don't believe me? Pics or it didn't happen?!>! Fine. Bluff called - BOOM!

I have no idea what that proved.

Wait, no, now I remember! I made a new thing!

Well technically I made it over a year ago but it's passed it's testing phase now which means I can finally share it with you!

But first, the origin story (TLDR, click here to pass go and skip directly to the new thing).

I had a bad habit.

A bad habit of losing the deck wash hose adapter for my lawn mower.

(Shhhh, shhh shh, we won't even speak of the 10mm sockets, that's a story for another time...)

So every fall once the grass quit growing, I would carefully winterize my lawn mower and tuck it away for the winter. Carefully placing all of it's accessories "somewhere I won't forget them."

This worked great for the large items like: The grass catcher that's over half the size of the mower, the thatching thingamabob that's big and bulky, the trailer that's the size of a large wheelbarrow.

However, small important things like - the garden hose adapter for the deck wash plug would get put somewhere safe, only to never be seen by the eyes of mortals again.

"We must put a stop to this!" Declared Sir Lawnmowacus.

And so the journey started.

Autodesk Fusion 360 and it's trusty steed the Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer set off to fulfill Sir Lawnmowacus's prophecy.

Four score and 7 iterations later, we can now rest easy.

The deck wash hose adapter now lives safely inside the steering wheel cap of the lawn mower. Ready for use at a moments notice!

Version 7 has lived on my lawnmower for well over a year now. It's seen all four seasons and the PETG material it's made of has held up great. Way better than the earlier ABS version. So if you're anything like me and lose your Cub Cadet's deck wash adapter, worry no more! Lawn mowing seasn is here and you can get your Steering Wheel Mounted Deck Wash Hose Adapter Holder from the Makerneer store HERE, my ETSY STORE or my EBAY STORE!

Happy first full day of spring, thanks for reading!

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